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The most prolific fish caught from amble are cod the season starts mid march/early April fishing the hard ground around Coquet island, Druridge bay and Cresswell Skere which is only 6 miles (40 minutes steam) from Amble.
As the season progresses so the fish spread further to the north so mid may to mid June being the best months with codlings at 2lbto3lb average, last year there were quite a few fish caught on the UPHOLDER around the 6lb to 8lb mark And at least ten cod over 10lb ,not monster fish but still good fish for rough ground fishing. Over the past few seasons with the introduction of braid lines we have been using 12lb/15lb class tackle with 30lb braid line (in water less than 100ft) which seems to cut the tide better and gives more sport to the average 2lb /3lb codling.

Rigs for codling have been hokkis and daylights baited with thin strips of squid Or rag worm, undoubtedly the best bait has been peeler crab, but for convenience calamari squid can be kept in the freeze and reused and is only £2 a box. Fresh Mackerel has also fished well cut into fine strips. The idea of cutting the bait into fine strips is to give the bait movement in the water and also a scent Mid July sees the start of the wreck fishing with the best ling being taken on Fresh mackerel flappers and squid fished on long flowing traces. The best ling last year was 18lb,and the best cod was 17lb caught by Stan Carr, a novice angler from Ponteland (see photo above).

Other species caught from Amble are Pollock, pouting, coalfish, catfish, place, Wrasse and last year we had an angler fish (see photo).

Undoubtedly the most enjoyable and relaxing way to fish a wreck is at anchor. Anchoring over the wrecks can be arranged. (Its recommended that only 8 anglers fish at one time)

Click a link below to see examples of the best of the last year!

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