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Catch Report 2014



Catch report 2014 March/April With a very mild winter we got off to an early start with the first Codling being caught by Bill Jenkinson on the 7th of March, a small fish of around 2lb which was returned for another day. The first day there was any quantity of fish caught, was the 11th April where 7 anglers caught 56 Codlings with 28 being returned, 28 were kept for the table, between 2lb to 3lb. Along with the Codlings, there were also Pout ,wrasse, scorpion fish. The first Pollack of around 2lb was caught and returned by Dennis Miller on a Jelly worm on the same trip.

Late April averages were around a couple of Codlings per angler with a lot of small Codlings being returned. For April, the catches have been quite steady, with a lot of small fish being returned .You can only catch what's there it's no good complaining about the size of the fish. Spring fish are Spring fish, if you are not prepared to put the smaller fish back don't go, the better fish will be here soon enough.

The best baits have been without, doubt prawns fished on small (0/5) daylights and green hokkis, fresh dug worms have fished well and fine cut strips of calamari have worked well.

May 3rd 2014

The Maggie May's SAC from Carlisle, averaged around 6 Codlings per angler, and as usual returned a lot of small size fish, and only kept fish of 16 inches and above.

May 4th 2014

Overnight, the fish seemed to improve, with Tom Holloway landing a 5 lb 1oz Codling (see photo) John Ord, had the best fish so far this year at 5lb 12oz, and then caught another codling of 5lb 15oz, may be on a rocking boat it, should have been 6 pounds plus. (see photos )

May the 5th 2014

The weather this year has been unsettled with the wind remaining Easterly and Northerly resulting in coloured water up to four and a half miles off , the best Codling this year so far was caught by Dave Munro which weighed 7lb 14 oz,( see photo )



There were plenty of Codling between the 2lb to 4 lb mark and still an average catch of 6 codlings per person, the fish are gradually getting a better stamp of fish .

May 10th 2014

The Dalston SAC from Carlisle had a red letter day fishing off the rough ground, their first trip of the new season they ended up with 238 Codlings between 2lb to 5lb of which 122 smaller codlings were returned unharmed.

May 21st The Civil Service Sports Council SAC fished their annual points competition with the winners and runners up going to National finals in Cork Southern Ireland,

Winner was Ian Mitchell with a mixed bag of Codlings, Coalfish, Wrasse ,Pouting.

Runner up was Mark Chapman with the same mixed bag of Codling ,Coalfish ,Wrasse ,Pouting , Scorpion fish and the best fish of the Day A 6lb 14oz Pollock (see photo ).

Total catch for the day was 90 Codling of which most were returned.


Typical Bank holiday weekend weather stirred the sea up with 20 mph Northerly winds making the water coloured and fishing difficult ,as a result of the weather Friday and Saturday was Cancelled.

Despite the conditions the Port of Leith SAC managed 6 Codlings a piece with the best fish of the trip being caught by Ben an 8 lb 6oz Ling, Robert Ranick had an unusual Cuckoo Wrasse (see photo ).

May 31st 2014

Best Cod caught out of Amble this year so far weighed 15lb and was caught on a long flowing trace baited with a strip of Mackerel by Chris Mullarky {see photo ).

June Catch Report 2014

With the water still dirty with algea bloom and flood water from the River Coquet and Aln the Mackerel have been late coming with the first Mackerel of any numbers being caught by Paul Hamlin on the 6th of June.

Reports from last year

April/May Report The season got off to a slow start with March being a complete right off, when you look back at last year's report for late March, we had a mini heat wave with temperatures in the twenties. Everything this year is a month behind, with the sea temperature being around 5 to 7 degrees C and the water being very discoloured with green algae, very little was caught until late April. For the record, the first Codling was caught by Doug Hutchinson from the Currock SAC on the 20th of April. A clean fish about 3lb, caught on pink Hokki's and cooked prawns (see Photo ).

The first codling of 2013... Chris Wilkinson's 6.5lb Codling...Tom Hollaway's 6.12oz Codling

It was a real struggle to find clean water and the algae was reported to be right along the Northeast Coast and to be fair to the Anglers, with no hope of catching anything, I cancelled several trips until conditions improved. It was May the 10th until the first signs of any fish, when a group of Anglers from Lancashire had 20 Codlings to keep, between 2lb to 4lb. The Currock SAC had 36 codlings to keep on the 11th of May, with many small fish returned. May 16th was the first sign of any quantity of Codlings, with the best being caught by Tom Hollaway at 6 lb and Chris Wilkinson had a codling of 6 lb.(see photos above). Peter Mc Donald caught the first Pollock of 2013, which weighed 5 lb. With the weather back to normal with strong Northerly winds 20 mph plus, the sea was stirred up and the water was yet again coloured, with Sunday's trip looking doubtful.

Sunday May 19th, Despite the poor weather from the two previous days, the sea calmed down and a club from Edinburgh managed to catch 40 plus codling with many size codlings returned. The Codlings were caught on fresh dug lug worm and fresh mussel. As the day went on the condition of the water changed with the tide and most of the fish were caught when the water cleared. Monday 20th.

Amble's best Codling so far

The best fish of the year so far was caught by Joe Haggerty, a fine 8lb codling, caught on fresh dug lug worm (see photo) he also had a nice 6lb Pollock and lost a fine fish mid water. Total catch for the 6 anglers was 40 plus with many size fish returned. The Codling are a better stamp of fish between 3lb to 4 lb so thing are beginning to look up.

Catch Report July 2013

July 2013 has been a memorable month for many anglers for achieving their personal best catches. It started on July the 5th with Lee Campbell on his first ever boat trip landing a fine Ling of 14lb on baited daylights (see photo ).

Lee Campbell 14lb Ling...Andrew Mackie 15lb ling .....Ian Ragg 12 1/2 lb ling

July 6th,

No great numbers of fish were caught on this day but Tony Crawford from Carlisle boated a 13lb Cod which was his personal best ever cod beating his Cod of last year of 11 lb, (see photo). Andrew Mackie boated his personal best on the same trip a 15lb ling which was caught on a mackerel strip fished on a single hook on a flowing trace (see photo ).


Tony Crawford with last years 11 1/2 lb cod and this years personal best of 13 lb

July 7th

July 7th was another memorable day for Rick Fisher from Beverley North Yorkshire when he caught his personal best fish ever a 12lb 10 oz Ling (see photo).

Rick Fisher with his best ever Ling.........Kevin Garside with his best ever Cod

July 12th

The Northern Powergrid SAC fished a points competition which was won as normal by John Golding with a mixed bag of Codlings Pouting, wrasse and coal fish. Heaviest fish was caught by Kevin Garside a fine 14lb Cod which is the best Cod caught on the Upholder so far this year (see Photo). Best Specimen was awarded to P Hunter with a 6lb Pollock.

The Rough ground fishing has been very good this year with an exceptional Ling 0f 12 lb being caught by Ian Ragg and a Cod of 12 lb being caught by Martin Marshall and yes the 12 1/2lb Cod was Martins personal best ever Cod.

2012 Season has started

This year is my twentieth consecutive year of operating a charterAngling boat out of Amble and the tenth year of this website

The first codling of 2012 caught on the 29th of March by Jeff Scott and he ended his season with his best 3 fish in August.

The first trip out was on the 29th of March with air temperatures of 20 degrees plus the weather was great but the fishing was poor.Although we did not blank the first Codling of the season was caught by Jeff Scott about 2.5 to 3lb(see photo). The summer like conditions were short lived and there was 4 inches of snow lying on the hills four days later. Last year the first fish was caught on the 7th of April .Since the winter like conditions in early April the and the lack of fish I contacted the Anglers for the Easter weekend and explained the situation and we decided to cancel the trips. So looking ahead things can only get better.

May Catch Report
With the wind coming from the North and East the sea has been far from settled with a Northerly swell for the best part of May. As a result of the unsettled weather it has been a real challenge to get out and when we have managed to get out the clarity of the water has been poor.
Despite the poor start to the season the Civil Service Angling Club fished their qualifying competition out of Amble and Managed to catch 64 Codlings,15 Pouting,6 wrasse,,3 Coalfish and 1 Scorpion fish. The Competition was a points Competition run under the NFSA rules with all unwanted fish being returned alive. The Three Anglers to Qualify were Chris Wilkinson, John Cuthbertson And Ian Mitchell who will go onto the National final at Milford Haven.
Mark Flowers And his Anglers had a good day with each angler catching 7 codlings on average, 72 Codlings kept in total, Nothing really big but all were a good stamp of fish between 4lb to 6lb the biggest was caught by Andrew Flowers and weighed in at 7 lb. The biggest Codling in May was 7.5 lb caught by Doug Hutchinson from Carlisle (see photo). The best Pollock in May was 9lb caught by Jason Hudson (see photo) who also had a Catfish around 5lb.
Mark Flowers and his catch..Jason Hudson 9lb Pollock ...Doug Hitchinson 7.5 lb Cod
June Catch Report
With the weather being far from settled for June the fishing has still been patchy due to the North And Easterly winds, as a result of the winds the water has been far from clear with a never ending Northerly swell. It has been a struggle find clean water and as a result the ground has not been fishing well and the majority of the fish have been caught off the wrecks. The 5th of June was a rolly sort of day due to the big northerly swell, despite the conditions Craig Peacock Manage to land a nice 7lb Codling (see photo )
Two days later Jim Tate had three nice fish for a total weight of 18lb (see photos). On a return trip a week later Jim Tate managed to catch the best Pollock of 10lb on light spinning gear using a twin tail lure (see photo).
July Catch Report
July started well with a vast improvement in the fishing without doubt the old favourite cooked prawns Fished the best on Daylights and Hokkis. The Royal Consort Sac from Preston had a memorable days fishing on the 1st of July, they made the most of the settled weather and a good few fish to take home ( see photos). Colin Higham thought he was into a good fish, when the catch came to the surface it was three nice Codlings around the 4lb to 6lb mark each (see Photo) the quality of the fish was very good and averaging between 4 to 6 pounds mark.
Left To Right Bob Blackwell ,Mike Lorraine, Roy Forsyth, Dan Hankin
The hard ground fished well all week with a good stamp of fish between 4to 6lb, (see photo). Saturday 6th of July The South End SAC from Carlisle had an excellent days fishing with the best Cod of 11.5lb caught out of Amble that day by Tony Crawford (see photo). Richard Graham also had a Codling of 8.5lb the average catch per angler on that day was 6 fish per person.
Tony Crawford 11.5 lb Cod ................Gareth Moor 10lb Cod
After the weekend the weather returned to normal for this year. The forecast for Monday the 9th was 15 mph North westerly and in fact the wind came out of the North East at between 15 to 20 mph causing the sea to lift and the water coloured up again.
Friday 13th
Kevin Garside Organised the Northern Power Grid competition, With the water being cloudy inshore and still a big swell in the water we steamed out to wrecks. They usually have 3 trips each year which are catch and release the best fish this trip was caught by Gareth Moor a 10lb Cod which won him a Bottle of Jura Whisky (see photo). The overall winner with 17 points was Nigel Hails which won him a bottle of Hennessey Brand. With the condition being far from perfect with a big swell and the organiser being violently sea sick the total catch for the day was 21 codlings 4 ling 38 whiting and 3 coalfish.
Ken Port of Lieth SAC what a shot ......Danny Hoban with his favorite species of Wrasse
The rest of the month was pretty much the same when the weather settled down we had several nice fish Around the 8to 9lb (see photo ) The Port of Lieth SAC Fished the 29th total catch for the day was 60 codlings between 10 anglers which was A good catch considering. Best shot of the day was by a Herring gull (see photo)
Just to finish off the year here are some of the better fish that were caught
Willy From the Port of Lieth Club .A 10 lb Cod which had a 1/2 lobster in its gut. Best Pollock 10lb Jim Tate
John Turbull from Carlisle 10lb cod. COCO and a 8 1/2 codling .Graham Proud with the bottle he nearly won

Catches from 2011

This was the best fish caught on the Upholder last year 2010.



April 2011 Catch Report

So far 2011 is off to a good start with the first of the codlings being caught on the 7th of April which is nearly three weeks earlier than normal. The first of the codlings were clean fresh fish, 20 codlings were kept between 4 anglers, best was around the 4lb to 5lb mark.

April the 9th Southend SAC from Carlisle had 72 codlings to keep between 8 anglers, as usual only the best of the fish were kept with nothing being taken under 16 inches and the best Codling being around the 5.5lb to 6lb mark.

Thursday April 21st,a party of 10 anglers made up of individuals caught a total of 104 codlings. The best of the fish were around the 6lb mark. Without doubt, the best bait has been cooked prawns and squid strips fished on Daylites and Hokkies , Good sport was to be had on Shads fished on light tackle.

Friday April 22nd, Steven Muir and his group of lads from Gretna area, had 74 codlings for 8 anglers and local angler Martin Woods had the best codling at 6.5lb (see photos)

Saturday April 23rd,

Maggie Mays SAC from Carlisle kept 107 codlings with countless smaller fish being returned. The quality of the fish has improved and the average size is around 3lb to 4lb mark with still nothing over 6.5lb.

Sunday 24th, Alan Haggon and the Port of Leith SAC kept 85 Codlings, most of which were caught on Fresh dug Lug worm fished on light tackle.

To sum up April, the fishing started early this year with the first of the fish being caught in late March/early April, this being due to the very mild March and the spring starting early, but we did have to cancel trips in late April due to strong East to South East winds. All in all, the fishing has been very good and has fished more like June than Apri,l with the average catch per angler around 10 codling to keep, mostly caught on Squid Strip and Prawns fished on traces. The water has be very clear and the bloom in the water cleared early this year.

MAY 2011 Catch report

May Catch Report May 4th/ 5th Fishing was patchy due to the unsettled weather and a South East swell and it took a few days To settle down at best there were only 3 or 4 Codlings kept per Angler which has Knocked the average per rod down.

May 6th The NEDL Sea Angling Club fished a points competition catch and release one point per fish catch and release, of course there were a few fish taken for the freezer about 50 between 10 anglers to be precise. In total there were 133 codlings caught all on prawns and squid fished on traces.

Top Angler John Mathews 25 Codlings

2nd Danny Gilhome 19 Codlings

3rd Kev Garside 17 Codlings

4th Dave Rudick 15 Codlings two of which were over 6lb

Biggest Fish was 8.5lb caught by Michael Clinton (See Photo)


May 7th/8th Cancelled Due to southeast winds force 4 to 5 occasionally

May 13th Alcan SAC had a trip organised by Alan Haddaway , 10 anglers had a total of 150 codlings to Keep with Jim Bamburgh catching a total of 27 codlings. The average weight of the codlings was 2.5lb to 4lb, with loads of fish being returned around the 2lb mark.

May 14th The Southend SAC from Carlisle had 93 codlings to take home with the biggest codling was caught by Stew Chardler and weighed in at 6lb.

May 15th A party of 10 anglers mainly from the Dalston SAC had 83 codlings to keep the biggest was caught by Winston Collings and weighed 7.5lb, Les McVity had the second biggest codling at 7lb. All in all Codlings have been plentiful and the average to keep per angler is around 10 per head with no need to travel any distance, all the fish were caught in shallow water, mainly on Prawns and squid fished on Daylights and Hokkis. The odd Mackerel has been caught with 12 being caught last Wednesday the 18th of May.

To the end of the month of May the fishing remained steady despite strong westerly winds with anglers averaging 10 codlings to keep the best of the Codlings weighed in around 7.5lb off the hard ground. Gary Miller and Wayne Malthouse both had fish to 7.5lb (see photos below).

Gary miller 7.5lb Codling ................................Wayne Malthouse 7.5lb Codling................... Paul Armstrong 8lband Neil Pervis 7.5lb codling

With the abundance fish of on the hard ground there has been no need to fish the wrecks but we did have a trip to the wrecks at the back end of the month with the best of the Codlings being caught by Paul Armstrong and Neil Pervis both had fish around the 8lb mark (see photos above right).

June 2011catch report

June got off to a windy start with winds of 20mph from the West and swinging round to the North and Northeast for the weekend.

Thursday the 2nd was the best day so far this year and gave us a chance to try the wrecks, Fishing was steady with the best of the Codlings being around the 9lb mark 89 in total between 9 anglers, the best fish of the day was caught by Peter Downs a 6lb Wolf fish or Catfish if you prefer (see photo) which Peter returned alive.

The Mackerel are so prolific that anglers are having trouble getting past them to get on the wrecks, any small Traces are such as daylights and hokkis are ineffective unless they are heavily baited with Mackerel or squid strips to get past the Mackerel. Shads fished on a flowing traces have also fished well.


Tuesday 7th With the wind to increase from the southeast in the afternoon we tried the wrecks first thing. Best fish was caught by was caught by Paul Nichol he had a Cod well over 10lb and a Ling over 12lb and to finish off the day he caught a 13lb Cod off the hard ground (see photos below).

Paul Nichol with his 10lb plus Cod ..........................Paul and his Ling of 12lb............................................Paul with his three fish for 35lb total


Wednesday 10th

With only 5 anglers aboard and the wind forecast to get up to force 4 to 5 I had no intention of going to any wrecks so we fished the hard ground south of Coquet Island that had been so productive the day before. Brian Williams from Leyland in Lancashire had 11 codlings between 3lb to 5lb. One angler Mark Richies had 8 codlings to take home and returned another 6 codlings that were around the 15 inch mark, He posted on the North East Sea Angling (NESA) that the fishing was slow and thought he was ripped off when I towed a disabled vessel in after the trip had nearly finished. Total catch for the 5 anglers was 32 codlings, considering the condition I thought was totally acceptable. If you need to ask what type of fishing we are going to do or if you need to know what the price is for the day please ask before the trip and not argue the trip afterwards.

Mick Richies the Discontented Angler I've spoke to a few of the other skippers and he might have a bit of trouble with future bookings

Weekend 11th and 12th

With winter like conditions 8 mph Northerly and 8 degrees temp the Apton SAC braved the conditions and managed to catch 10 Codlings apiece between 3lb to 5lb being the best.

On the Sunday the weather moderated for the Currock SAC from Carlisle who fished the wrecks, the quantity of fish was not as good as the ground fishing but they were a better stamp of fish, the best fish was a Ling 8.3/4 lb caught by Doug Hutchinson followed by Mal Walker with an 8 lb Ling best Codling was caught by Graham Proud and weighed 71/2 lb (see photo).

Modest Graham Proud 7.5 lb Codling

Weekend 18th and 19th

The Dalston SAC fished the hard ground and a few wrecks the best fish was a Pollack of 7 lb caught by Les McVity and his brother had three codlings on the same trace for a total of 13lb (see photos).

Weekend 25th And 26th

The Maggie Mays SAC from Carlisle had a good days fishing on the ground South of Coquet Island With all the anglers having !0 codlings apiece to take home all caught on mostly cooked prawns.

On the 26th Angling correspondent Phill Williams from Boat Angler joined Steven Muir and his party. Phill was compiling an article for the magazine about Amble and after a slow start the fish started to feed on the wrecks on the turn of the tide, there were some decent cod around the 5lb to 7lb and a few ling to around 7lb.There were quite a few small ling returned to get the fish down the bladders are popped as to whether they survive is unknown. Total catch was around 70 cod and ling for the boat.

The Alcan Lads and friends wanted to fish the wrecks after their last productive trip on the hard ground. The best Codling was 9lb caught by Chris Charlton and the best ling was 8 lb caught by Allan Dodds, Darren Balls had a couple of nice Ling around the 7 total catch for the day was 64 cod and Ling. (see photos).

To sum up June 2011, the hard ground has out fished the wrecks with the best Cod of 13lb being caught by Paul Nichol. There have been quite a few 10lb cod off the hard ground but the usual stamp of fish has been between 2 lb to 5lb and the average per person is 8 to 10 fish to keep. The wrecks have produced the average bigger size fish between 5lb to 7lb with the average of 5 to 7 fish to keep per person. The wreck fish have been nowhere near as clean and fresh as the ground fish and some of the wreck fish have been covered in red sores.

Here are a couple of Cod around the 10lb mark that were caught off the hard ground marks

July 2011 Catch Report

The NEDL SAC had a points competition catch and release (obviously some where taken for the freezer but most were returned). The heaviest fish was a 11 Ling caught by Allan Halliday on a single Mackerel baited hook he also had the second heaviest fish a 7lb Codling. John Golding had the most points 16 mostly Codlings, Ling, Pouting and Coalfish Kevin Garside had second highest with 12 points Codlings and Ling Michael Clinton was third with 10 points Codling and his first ever Ling

Weekend 2nd/3rd

The Southend SAC from Carlisle had 56 mainly Cod and Ling to take home between eight anglers, Things were a bit slow on Saturday the best method seemed to be Storm Shads fished on a flowing trace.

Sunday July the 3rd

Chris Hulme fished the shad most of the day and changed to baited traces and bagged himself a 12lb and 7lb Cod off the wrecks his pal Alan Bloomfield had the best Pollack of 8lb off the same wreck (see photos).






Catches From 2010

Catch report April/May

Fishing was poor in April mainly due to the water being dirty with an abundance of algae, on the occasions the water did clear, there were a few Codlings caught. The very first Codling was caught by Dennis Miller on the 13th of April weighting around 2lb and would have been returned but was damaged when it was deep hooked on prawns and Squid. Colin Chandler had 3 or 4 small codlings to keep on the same trip. As usual with April fishing, if the weather is settled the first of the Codlings normally show at the back end of the month. On the 24th of April a party of six anglers from Carlisle had 16 codlings to keep with quite a few small size codlings being returned, they also had wrasse, pouting and a few coalies for a bit of sport. The best day in April was the 29th when six anglers had 30 codlings to keep between them, The best fish of 9lb was caught by Jim Tate on lug worm, when the fish was gutted it had one of the other anglers Lee Builtcliffe's hook baited with peeler crab in its stomach, A little disappointing but Lee still manage to go away with 6 decent codlings to keep between 3lb to 5lb. May, No boats went anywhere from Amble the first two weekends in May due to the Northerly winds. With snow still lying on the Cheviot and a frost all over the Northeast the first trip out in May was the !2th. The six anglers that were out managed to catch on average 8 to 9 codlings to keep apiece all between 3lb to 5lb with all the smaller fish being returned. The best bait being fresh dug lug worm also prawns and squid fished on daylights and hokkis. With the weather forecast looking good for the weekend there should be some decent catches to report for the second half of May.

May second half report

The second half of May has produced some good catches with anglers going away with on average 10 codlings to keep between 2lb to 5lb. Jim Cobain's party had a nice wrasse around the 4lb mark and 40 odd codlings to take home to Halifax. The following day a Michael French's party 70 codlings to take home and a Catfish around about 5lb. The wrecks have started fishing early this year, regular angler Dennis miller had a nice Pollack of 10.5 lb Off the wrecks south of Amble, the Pollack took a yellow and golden shad fished on along flowing trace and was returned to fight another day. Dave Bagnell had a really good condition ling of 9lb which took a strip of Mackerel. Greg Robson caught a 9lb Pollack on a green shad fished slowly above the wreck, he said that it was the best fighting fish he had ever caught. They also had on average 10 codlings apiece to keep.

Dennis Miller 10.5lb Pollack

jCatch report June

Catch Report June 2010 Some excellent fishing has been had from both the wrecks and the hard ground. The average catch per person has been around the 8 codling mark, with the anglers having the good sense to return the smaller fish. Without doubt, the best bait has been cooked prawns and those anglers that are fortunate enough to be able to dig fresh lug, have had good sport on the hard ground . Although the mackerel have been patchy this year, the best bait on the wrecks has been fresh mackerel cut into fine strips and fished on daylights and Hokki's. Perks and shads have also fished well giving good sport on light rods. The sea seems to be alive with feed, with Gannets and puffins feeding on sand eels and herring sprats, this could be the reason the shads and perks are fishing well with cod being taken well off the bottom. There have been quite a few anglers hooking into fish off the wrecks expecting one decent fish and finding that they have hauled up two or three sizable fish.(see photo of Dennis Miller). The Dalston SAC had over 100 fish to keep while fishing the hard ground and wrecks (see photo). Ian Mitchell and Barry Robinson and a few other lads had over well over 100 fish, with only the best of the fish between 3lb to 5lb being kept. (see photo ). The best Codling's caught in June were between 8lb to just under 10lb,(see photos).

Dalston SAC

July report

July is off to a good start with plenty of fish still on the hard ground. Saturday fished well with Peter Day catching two codlings for a total weight of 16lb 13oz and Stewart Gale had a nice codling of 6lb12oz (see photo's) Sundays trip was cancelled due to strong westerly winds which can only improve the water clarity close inshore, the water still has a slight bloom close in.

July 2nd Week The hard ground is still fishing well possibly better than the wrecks The best fish last week was just under 11lb caught by Steve Patterson . Ken Vardy had his second 8lb codling in a fortnight, anglers are still averaging Around 6 to 8 codlings each weighing between 3lb to 5lb. The week finished with very strong southwest and Sundays trip being cut short due to the weather.

..Steve Pattersons Just under 11lbCod.... John Greenwell with his 10lb Pollock

Last two weeks in July

The last two weeks of July fished well with a good stamp of fish being caught on every method and bait, the most consistent baits being shell on prawns or mackerel strips being cut fine. A party of anglers from the East Dene Workingmen's, fished all weekend using storm shads on a long flowing trace on both wrecks and ground with good results, possibly doing better than bait fishing. Ken Vardy had his third 8lb codling in July using mackerel strip. Stuart Chandler from the South End SAC Carlisle had a nice cod of 11lb off the hard ground North of Coquet Island. John Greenwell from Benwell, caught a nice 10lb Pollack on daylights tripped with mackerel strip just South of Coquet island at the rock ends just off Hauxley. A party of Doctors Chartered the boat the last weekend in July and used the boats tackle, not being sea angle's they had quite a good day with the best cod being caught by Hayden Ellis which weighed in at 11lb. And another angler Joules Ralf caught a codling of 8lb. Both were caught on Daylights and prawns. All in all, the fishing in July has been very consistent with plenty of mackerel with some good size Cod and Pollock being caught. Towards the end of the month, the wreck fishing has slowed down slightly but the ground fishing remains good.

Stuart Chandler and his 11lb Cod ............................East Dene WMC codling caught on shads ......Phill Dollan with his 8.5lb Codling

Joules Ralf's 8lb Cod and Hayden Ellis 11lb Cod . . . . . Some of the Codling caught by the Doctor's . . . . .Hayden Ellis and his 11lb Cod

Some of the Doctor's catch caught on Prawns . . . . . .John Greenwell's 10lb Pollock caught on Daylight's . . . Stuart Chandler's 11lb Cod

August Report

August has started well with some excellent fish being taken from both the ground and wrecks. Phill Dollan had three nice fish, a codling of 8.5lb and two Pollock around the 6lb and 7lb mark on daylights baited with mackerel strip off of the ground. Dan Corford had a codling of 8.5lb and a ling of 12lb,not massive fish but still a good size fish for hard ground fishing. The Dalston SAC from Carlisle area chartered the boat, the weather was perfect for fishing the wrecks, tried the inshore wrecks which produced the normal small ling and just a few codlings so it was decided to try the wrecks a bit further off. The extra distance paid dividends as it was not long before the first double figure ling of just under16lb came Over the side. Mally Walker was delighted as the biggest ling of the day was around the 6lb to 8lb mark so he thought the sweep for the day was in the bag and his 16lb ling was unbeatable. With the conditions being perfect it wasn't long before John Rea was into a big fish which turned out to be a 21lb ling which took two pouting fillets fished on a flowing trace. So August is off to a good start with some good quality fish being caught off of the ground and wrecks in the first week. For more details and photos visit the website

Phil Dollan with his 8.5lb codling caught off the hard ground . . Dan Corford and his 8.5lb codling ..... . . . . . .Dalston SAC Mal Walker 16lb Ling

. Dalston SAC John Rea 21lb Ling caught on pouting fillets fished on a flowing trace...Mal Walker 16lb ling caught on the same trip

Mid August onwards

Mid August to the end of the month Fished well on the ground when we could get out with the unsettled weather. Pensioner Ken Vardy had his forth consecutive codling of over 8lb. Peter Downs also had a Codling over 8lb on Mackerel strip all were caught on the hard ground. Without doubt the best Cod caught off the hard ground out of Amble for years was caught by John Docherty, the Cod weighed 16lb on the boat, minutes after John caught his 16 pounder Ian McDonald had a codling over 8lb on the same drift (see photo). With the sea warming up there has been a couple of unusual fish caught at the back end of August one being a Cuckoo Wrasse and the other being a not so impressive Horse Mackerel. more details and photos visit the website

Ken Vardy with his forth consecutive 8lb Codling . Peter Downs with his 8lb Codling . Ian McDonald & John Docherty with a couple of nice fish

. . . .John Docherty with his 16 pound Cod caught off of the hard ground on mackerel strip. . . . . Unusual for this area a Cuckoo Wrasse

Catches From 2009

Catch report April 2009

Can you believe everything you read in the Newspapers contrary to reports in the Newcastle Evening Chronicle about the boat fishing being poor I can report that the season is well under way. Anglers have been averaging 6 codlings per rod, last week one angler Jim Tate caught 8 codlings , 5 were kept and the others were returned the best was 5lb he also caught a nice Pollack about 5lb which was returned ,all off the hard ground. This week the quality of the fish seemed to be better with the best codling being caught by Dave Ward (see photo). The 6lb plus codling was caught on purple hokkis tipped with squid as you can see from the photo it has a small pouting in it's mouth. Did the codling take the pouting while hooked or did the codling cough the pouting up who knows. The main thing is that the anglers are more than happy to have caught these fish about two weeks earlier than the last two or three seasons. As well as the Codlings there has been quite a few nice Wrasse and even the odd Ling, all off the hard ground. Let's hope the weather stays settled this year and the fishing continues as steady as it has started with the best start to the season we have had for years.


Here are some of the fish we caught on the Upholder during the 2009 season. The season started on March the 5th with 3 codling being caught by one of the regular Angler's on white feathers baited with squid. The fishing was quite steady with reasonable catches Up until October when the weather closed in. The first of the Mackerel was caught in mid May and the very last one was caught by Rob Pounder on the 8th of November, the quality of the mackerel this year was outstanding. The Cod fishing has been good this year with a lot of immature fish being Carefully returned by the Angler's for future stocks. The best of the cod this year was caught by Rob Patterson from Carlisle weighing in at nearly 13lb. There were also some notable catches like the two codlings caught by Mark Richies which weighed 7lb 12oz and 6lb 9oz ( see photo ). Pollack fishing has been quite successful this year with Dave Merchant catching the first decent pollack of 9.5lb in May. The best fish being caught by Dennis Miller which weighed in at 10.5lb. Ken Vardy caught a nice Pollack weighing 9lb 4oz on feathers just off of Coquet Island (see photo ).






Catches from 2008






With a slow start to the season very little has been caught until mid April. The season is now underway with eleven Anglers all averaging 10 codling's each to keep between 2lb to 4lb.The first decent Pollack was again caught this year by Jim Tate at 5lb 8oz (see photo) using light spinning gear and leadheads with jelly worms. David Scott and his 12 year old son Christopher had 21 codlings to keep between them the best being caught by Christopher at 4lb. The fish were being caught on mainly squid and prawns and the usual worm baits, most of the fish that were caught were full of pipe fish. With the water being so clear some of the codling's were caught mid water.

Top rod on the day was the( CODFATHER) Joe Haggerty who caught in excess of 30 fish of which he kept 10 codling's amongst his catch he had 5 different species Wrasse, Pollack, pouting, ling , poor cod, and codlings.

April 28th

With the settled weather the inshore rough ground fishing has been excellent with anglers still averaging 10 codlings to keep the best being around the 4lb to 5lb mark. Top rod was Dave Chapman with 21 fine codlings to Keep. Father and son both named Andrew Black had between them approx 16 codlings with Andrew junior(see photo center above) catching 8 himself, not bad as this was only their second boat trip. Sherif Omar had 10 codlings to keep and an extra surprise of catching a rare tadpole fish . Dennis Miller and Stu Wilson had their fair share and were also kind enough to leave the skipper a fry for his tea. The best bait seemed to be calamari squid and pink prawns.

April 29th

With a light Northeast to East breeze the conditions started a bit choppy with the water being a bit coloured which made the fishing a little more difficult .The day started with any amount of Poor Cod and Pouting, there were also quite a few good size Wrasse . As the day went on the water cleared and the anglers managed to catch around 6 Codlings a piece to keep. Since the fishing has picked up over the past couple of weeks the Anglers have had the good sense to keep only the fish they require and any Codlings less than 16 inches have been returned.

May Catch Report

May 3rd

When the weather was settled fishing remained very good with anglers having 10 codlings to keep. Father and son Nigel and Thomas Lake had a fine bag of 16 codlings ,best was 4lb to take back to Norwich. With the rest of the anglers the catch for the day was 80 codlings to keep with the best baits being prawns, squid and peeler crab and the usual worm baits.

May 5th

The West Denton angling club managed to catch 65 codlings to keep with many small fish being returned. The best codling so far this season was caught by Phil Carver and weighed just under 9lb (see photo). Jim Westwater had a codling of 6lb 7oz and Paul Vasey had the 3rd biggest codling at 5lb 1oz.

May 6th

Despite the weather conditions a group of anglers from the Blyth Community Center managed 22 Codlings to keep, quite a feat as the wind must have been gusting over 30 mph Westerly at times. Steve Halliburton thought he had the sweep in the bag with a codling of 4lb 1oz but it was not to be as David Robson had a codling of 4lb 6oz and then caught a bigger codling later of 6lb 3oz.

May 7th

With a stiff westerly breeze the fishing was still difficult but for those who could get their baits on the bottom there were some good quality fish to be caught. The best Cod so far this year was caught by George Bourne and weighed in at 11.5lb(see photo) followed by 7lb10oz codling caught by David Greatrex (see photo). George caught the 11.5lb Cod on a ripper baited with peeler crab and he also had some nice codlings around the 4lb to 5lb mark using razor clams. The total bag to keep for the day was over 50 Codlings with John Bell catching 16 himself.

In general the fishing from mid may onwards was dictated to by the weather as usual .When the weather was Settled anglers were keeping between 6 to 10 codlings on average each, with some good clean fish up to 6lbs.

The first of the Mackerel arrived on the 20th the best of 2lb 4oz was caught by Andy Watson(see photo above). May came to a close with the Currock angling club from Carlisle Taking 70 codlings between 3lb/5lb caught from the inshore wrecks and hard ground .With the bank holiday Being a wash out and all trips cancelled due to the weather a group from Newcastle organised by John White had a few fish on the last day of the month and very kindly left their comments and photos on the following site,

June Catch Report


Stewart Chandle 14lb 8oz ling (above)

June 2nd,

With still a lot of South Easterly chop on the water a group of anglers organised by Ted Bleasdale managed to get a few Codlings up to 6lb and quite a few Mackerel from the ground and inshore wrecks off of Craster just as well they are used to rough weather as they work off shore on an anchored super tanker used as a drilling platform. The only sea sick casualty was the health and safety bloke.

June 3rd,

Tony Cook managed to catch 20 codlings the best being around the 5lb mark while fishing peeler crab and squid on a long flowing trace. Alan Wallace had 6 codlings to keep the best was over 6lb using pink prawns and squid. Dennis Miller fished away steady using his light spinning gear and he also had fish to 6lb.Total catch for the day was around the 80 fish to keep mark.

June 9th,

Colin Wormsley and their club from Preston Fished their points competition and had over 115 fish ,over 80 of which were Codlings .Amongst their catch were pouting ,poor cod, ballen wrasse ,ling, coal fish and Pollack.

June 12th,

Jim Tate and Joe Haggerty had their usual successful day using their light spinning gear ,they had over 30 codlings between them most of which were returned and Jim had a few Pollack. Jim Tate has posted a very interesting article on fishing with leadheads on The usual combination of daylights, hokkis tipped with worm and squid has been catching codlings when you can get to the bottom through the mackerel .If big baits are used like crab, squid and mussel or mackerel strip the gear has time to fish on the bottom .

June 17th,

The South End Angling club from Carlisle fished on the Sunday, with the water being coloured inshore over 45 codlings were caught off the wrecks. Dooley had the best of the codlings catching 9 himself on cockles and rag worm the best being 6.5lb,5.5lb,5lb. Ken Bevanport had Ling to 6lb and Stewart Chandler caught the best Ling so far this year at 14lb8oz(see photo) on mackerel strip .Another angler was winning the sweep with a Ling of 13lb 14oz which was the biggest he had ever caught when it was beaten with Stewarts Ling.




Here are some of the catches from 2006

2004/2005 CATCHES


please note the above images are from 2004/2005


APRIL Fishing has picked up, the start was Wednesday the 19th, when a party of 4 rods caught approx 20 codlings and a few pollack, the best being around 4&5lb caught by Ian Stansfield.

Thursday 20th, catches on avarage were about 5 codlings per rod to keep, the best two codlings caught, were around the 5 lb mark.

Saturday 22nd ,There has been a marked improvement with over 40 codlings being kept and as many returned.The best Pollack of 7lb was caught by JimTate who was using a lead head and firetail on a 12lb class spinning rod,he also had another pollack at 6lb and returned around 15 small codlings all caught on light gear.Dennis Miller also caught 5 codlings up to 4lb on light spinning gear.This method of fishing at present is by far out fishing the conventional baited traces

May catches .



When the weather is settled there has been an improvement in fishing with better quality fish being caught around the 4lb to 5.5lb mark the best codling so far being 6.5lb caught on a leadhead/fire tail by JimTate.The best pollack(7LB) so far this month was caught on the 21st by 8 year old Joe Wilson (see photo) on an orange twin tail /leadhead,on the same trip another Pollack of 5lb was caught by Tony Oliver and the best codling was 5.5lb caught by Steve Swinney.

The best bags have been taken on small traces such as Mustad Flash-A-Boo traces on size 2/0 or 3/0 hooks when the water is clear.During the unsettled conditions the larger Hokkis and Daylights on size 5/0 and 6/0 hooks baited with rag worm or very fine strips of squid have been fishing well in these conditions it is important that the lines are as vertical as possible so the anglers were having to use weights up to 1lb to hold bottom.

At the start of the month the avarage catch was around 6 fish to keep per rod with the anglers having the good sence to return the smaller size fish .Reports of 60 to 80 fish per trip are true but in reality only 30% of the fish were of a reasonable size to keep.As the month has progressed the numbers of fish kept are around the same 6 to 10 per rod but the fish are of better quality.

May ended with with strong winds from the North and swinging round East to Southeast making the fishing difficult .On the 28th the Anglers. net Angling club braved the elements and dispite a very strong drift managed to catch a few Cod the best caught by Linda Dees (see photo).



The start of the month was very unsettled with the water being dirty and still a big swell in the water.

The conditions settled for the weekend and Preston Anglers booked by ColinWarmsley fished a points competition species weighed in were codling,ling,pouting,coalfish and pollack the best codlings being 5.5lb.The sweep was drawn as all three codlings weighed in at exactly 5.5lb (see photo above)

Carlisle anglers had 40 codlings to keep the being 6.5lb caught by the quite man CoCo there were also ling and the very first of the mackerel being caught.

As the water cleared there has been a vast improvement in the fishing with over 40 codlings being kept by Anglers from Northumbria Water the quality of the codlings are better and the avarage weight is between 3lb to 5lb. For Dennis Miller,Bob Blackwell and Craig Bottemley persevered with the spinning gear caught Codlings and Pollack upto a 5.5lb

Thursday the 8th without doubt has been the best days fishing this season the fish have been the best quality, good clean fresh run fish and quite a few between the 4lb to 7lb.

Stewart Ford had codlings upto 7lb on flowing trace baited with rag lug and squid baits, Most fish have been taken on worm and squid bait but Tom Craven caught a fine codling of 6lb on a murderer baited with mackerel strip (see photo above).Billy Builtcliff was hooking more fish than anybody using peeler crab mussel and squid cocktails.The Codling are full of Pipe fish and Herring spratts and there have been reports of large quantitys of Mackerel being caught behind Coquet island but they are very patchy and very dependent on the weather conditions.

Catch report weekending June 17th

Catch Report Week ending June 17th Fishing is still steady with anglers averaging 6 to 8 codlings to keep between 3lb to 5lb total catch for the boat varies between 40 to 60 codlings per day with quite a few 6lb fish being caught on squid , rag and lug worm baits. The best codling last weekend was 8lb caught by Steve Tucker on Hokkis baited with squid strip (see photo). Billy Builtcliff had his usual decent bag of 10 codlings biggest being 6lb (see photo),using the best of baits such as peeler crab and mussel he always manages a decent catch. Most rigs and traces will catch fish if presented correctly and worked at different depths, there are "anglers and danglers", I have seen anglers with a tin of beer in one hand and the rod slung over the shoulder not being worked and they wonder why they have not caught anything. Lead heads and jelly worms are still fishing well on light spinning rods with fixed spool reels fished up tide, best codling caught with this method last weekend was 5.5lb good sport on a 12lb class rod.

Catch Report uptill 29th June


Bob Fenkle 10 lb (below)

Catch Report up till 29th June Fishing has been steady with good catches of quality codlings up to 10 lb the average size codlings have been between 2lb to 4lb. Now the mackerel have arrived there have been some good Ling caught up to 10 lb on fresh mackerel sides fished on flowing traces. Mike Gerrard caught an 8lb Ling on his first drop using live sand eel as bait on the hard ground off Dunstanburgh .Stew Johnson had codlings up to 6lb and a ling of 8lb off the wrecks using fresh mackerel bait on flowing traces. Without doubt the best catches on the day have been taken on twin tails and lead heads fished with 12lb spinning gear. Dennis Miller caught a fine 8lb codling one day and on his return trip the next day he caught a 9lb on the same spinning gear(see photos). Bob Blackwell also had codlings to 8lb using the same method (see photos). So far this year the best codling of 10lb was caught by Bob Fenkle ,Bob was using Daylights baited with rag and squid (see photo). The Codlings are still full of pipe fish this could explain why the lead heads are fishing so well, the lead heads are being fished at various depths and some Codlings have taken the lures just 10 ft from the surface.



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